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China 10t Induction Melting Furnace

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: GW-10T
  • Fuel: Electric Heating
  • Structure: Water Tube
  • Water Circulation: Natural Circulation
  • Manufacturing Level: A
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Transport Package: International Export Packing Standard
  • Origin: China
  • Function: Melting Metal Furnace
  • Installation: Assembled Boiler
  • Media: Organic Heat Transfer Material
  • Drum Placement: Vertical Boiler
  • Burning Style: Electricity
  • Trademark: hengyang
  • Specification: GW10T
  • HS Code: 851420009
Product Description
     Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
1, Introduction and application:
This is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is applicable to melting, heating or holding of steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel silver and other ferrous or nonferrous metal and alloy material, as well as heating treatment prior to forging, sintering and tube-bending forming in casting and melting industries.
2, Performance and features
a. Zero-voltage scanning soft start, start or stop at any time under any state without impact on power supply;

b. Speedy melting, low production cost, low pollution, conforming to environmental protection requirement;

c. Melting directly from low temperature, available for fully emptying of solution, easy change of category of melting material;

d. Flexibly adjustable power, easy and continuous smooth adjustment, easily controllable temperature, low oxidization loss, uniform
metal content;

e. Furnace shell with cast aluminum ally or steel shell construction, small footprint, easy overturn body, available for selection of electric,
manual, hydraulic or other overturn mode as needed;

f. Complete set equipment can realize full automatic remote control, also including PLC
programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface or industrial control computer
system and industrial control configuration software and all kinds of sensors, etc. Can
realize automatic constant temperature, automatic oven, anti wear furnace alarm, such as
automation, use more secure, more convenient!

Main Model And Technical Parameters:
China 10t Induction Melting Furnace
Product introduction and features
A.  Heng Yang the advantages of medium frequency power supply
  1. Control system adopts the large scale programmable logical array module integration control, single board structure to avoid the board connectors use after a period of time due to poor contact equipment operation unreliable
  2. A variety of signal processing and its corresponding the execution of the movements are according to the program automatically. Using digital control system instead of a variety of relay control circuit to complete the function.
  3. Full furnace cooling material start function, start the success rate of 100%
  4. In the power grid voltage fluctuations in 10% of cases, intermediate frequency output voltage fluctuation is not more than ±1%.
  5. Internal various sectional area enough copper connections, in order to reduce power loss.
  6. Special way of frequency sweep type start, with a 100% success rate of startup
  7. Have fast response characteristics of regulator.
  8. Unique controller is designed, and its response time is less than 100 ms, entirely suitable for used power under the condition of the load mutation of fast response to meet the demand of the using.
  9. The power supply constant power output, can ensure high power factor
  10. power constant work the impedance controller is designed to detect the change of impedance, and change into to digital circuit, automatic regulation of load impedance matching, the reach of intermediate frequency power supply of constant power output; At the same time, due to the use of the impedance controller and in constant power of heating workpiece, a complete set of equipment operation of the power factor can reach above 0.9, perfect and reliable protection.
  11. The control circuit have over current, over-voltage, into line lack of phase, low power line voltage, cooling water and cooling water temperature higher various protection measures. To ensure the sensitivity and reliability of the protection function.
  12. Advanced phase sequence recognition..
  13. For metal solution automatic constant temperature function
  14. Easy debugging and convenient maintenance.
  15. Most of the parameters in the control panel of the set of all internal circuit automatically by the control panel, the user adjustment of only a few potentiometer parameters Settings. So the control panel with a strong universality and interchangeability, simple maintenance and debugging.
  16. Power protection measures:
    Main circuit short circuit protection    Primary loop phase protection  Grid high voltage protection
    Low voltage power grid protection  High water temperature protection Low water pressure protection
    Low water flow protection       Thyristor overvoltage protection  Thyristor overcurrent protection
    Inverter thyristor current rate of climb high protection  
    Inverter thyristor converter time insufficient protection
    Inverter thyristor shut off in the opposite direction voltage time insufficient protection
    a. Main Components ~Thyristor :
    China 10t Induction Melting Furnace

    Our company use thyristor by the main procurement in TECHSEM Group and CSR Group, the above two companies are leading thyristor manufacturing industry in China, its manufacture thyristor stable quality, current shock resistance is strong, not easy to damage, price is 20% ~ 30% higher than that of the same industry products.
    b. Main Components~Parallel control circuit board:China 10t Induction Melting Furnace

     company independent research and development, independent production, research and development center engineer in real time to update and improvement of circuit board, ensures our company in the industry leading level; Both production circuit board welding test by our professional quality inspection personnel, and check one by one, put an end to unqualified products flow, guarantee the safety of the equipment usedour For . for KGPS and KGCLontrol circuit board C
  17. c. Main Components~Circuit breaker:
    China 10t Induction Melting Furnace

    Heng Yang company purchasing  circuit breaker by CHINT group, the company was founded in the 1984, is the national production and sales of high and low voltage electrical appliances, instruments and meters, complete sets of transmission and distribution equipment, high voltage electrical components, electrical appliances, wire and cable products research and development, production, sales and services for the integration of a manufacturing enterprise, the enterprise was awarded "China image AAA enterprise", "Chinese famous quality products", "Chinese hundred outstanding enterprise" and so on the title.
    d. Capacitor box:
    China 10t Induction Melting Furnace

    Working principle
    Our company use capacitor box purchase by Xinanjiang Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd and Shangyu Power Capacitor Co., Ltd, above two companies is domestic famous electric capacitor manufacturers, the registered capital more than twenty million. the production of capacitor quality first class, overvoltage ability, in the application process of long term to win the user consistent high praise.

  18. B. Structure and performance of the furnace body
    Furnace by the induction coil, aluminium furnace frame, reduction box and other components

  19. a. Unduction coil
    Induction coil is in the heart of the entire induction furnace, induction coil from the intermediate frequency power supply, generates a powerful magnetic field under the influence of medium-frequency voltage, current, the magnetic metal inside the furnace and eddy current heating coil is the key power conversion of thermal energy. Coil design so it is important for the gifted, the furnace coil is a combination of domestic and foreign intermediate frequency furnace actual use, according to the electromagnetic theory, the preferred option through accurate analysis and calculation determined.

  20. Induction coil with copper pipe. In order to guarantee the reliability of the induction coil, induction coil used brand for T2 (purity electrolytic copper 99.5%), 1 ton furnace wall thickness using 4 extrusion rectangular copper pipe on the special die winding and become, it not only ensures the coil rigid and has the most conductive section. The density of copper pipe, pipe wall thickness. Induction coil when the design considering the influence of the inherent and length of copper pipe, the copper pipe welds and electricity, water diversion area, make each group of induction coil inside without welds..

  21. According to ISO431-1981 standard coil material, uses thick-walled high quality copper From Shangyu Company, copper with minimum line loss, improve the efficiency of coil conversion (provide material list). Induction coil adopts high temperature resistant, high voltage insulation varnish, overall dip coating and vacuum drying, achieve class H insulation class. Induction coil before delivery after 12 kg/cm3 hydrostatic pressure test

  22. Induction coil of the exterior insulation adopts the double forms, the inner coating by electrostatic spraying process with a high-strength insulating resin. Then use the class H class insulation paint leaching paint dry.

  23. Induction coil by welding outer circumference series bolts and insulation stay fixed. After the coil is fixed, its turn spacing error is not more than 2 mm. All the countersunk head bolts, in order to improve the dielectric strength

  24. Induction coil welding are made of silver electrode, does not affect the current liquidity.

  25. b, Furnace frame:composed of primary aluminum and magnesium alloy casting
    Furnace frame by two pieces of aluminum semicircle casting furnace and the surface of the upper two pieces of aluminium casting furnace with middle asbestos board, insulation board, and the self contained stainless copper wire rod, asbestos plate with heat and blocking current generating circuit to make aluminum furnace heating effect, insulation board with insulation and tighten sensors column does not move, make whole aluminum shell furnace is strong and durable.
    Furnace frame part reserved when the design safety coefficient. Ensure furnace frame has sufficient strength, carrying the maximum charge run smoothly. Angle is greater than 95 degrees.

  26. c,  Reducer tilting furnace system:
    Using RZS type reducer. RZS type reducer for special dedicated reducer, it is mainly used for medium frequency electric furnace, high temperature furnace automatically dumping operations, mechanization in advance, to ensure the quality of casting to reduce labor intensity and improve productivity play an important role, also can be used for automatic welding, automatic, automatic assembly line workpiece transposition etc. Turn the operation requirements.

  27. RZS reducer is the key product electric furnace overloading, this product is a secondary drive worm gear and worm reducer, RZS431, input power respectively 2.5 kw, this product has small volume, large speed ratio, transmission self locking, low noise advantages. RZS431 are equipped with manual and electric control device, electric control with tilting furnace control box contactor three phase electric conversion control motor and reversing a tilting furnace oven, with extension and handle button control. Manual operation, pull a hand wheel and worm gear off the first grade, and movement to secondary worm reducer directly by the handwheel to by the second worm gear drives the output shaft. This product is convenient for installation and debugging,
    There are two main ways RZS reducer assembly, left to the output shaft and output shaft to the right. This series reducer is a NPC deputy cylindrical worm gear drive, worm grinding, can improve the machining accuracy, convex concave tooth profile meshing, the Angle in the direction of circumferential velocity increase, to produce the best lubricating oil film, improve mesh, can improve the tooth surface fatigue strength, prolong service life. Convex-concave tooth smaller curvature (curvature radius is larger), reduced the contact ability, improve the bearing capacity; Output shaft bearing spacing is bigger, to improve the output stiffness, increased transmission stability, without other supporting bearing, simplified structure, reduced volume, improve the ability of long axis stirring; Type output shaft is a hollow structure with an inner cone, cone agitator shaft passes through the cavity to locate the shaft head nut to lock, the assembly is very convenient, easy maintenance; then motor through a pulley connected to the deceleration gear, not only increasing the  ratio range, underway buffer.
    d. Water Cooled Cables

    .Copper cable joint by the integrated processing, contacts, good conductive ability, no welding points more firmly solid deformation; strong tensile strength
    4,Supplier responsibility

    a.   Cooperate with guidance to check the buyer installation work;
    b.   Internal and electrical wiring connections between equipment;
    c.  Site commissioning;, according to the actual equipment adjust to the best state;
    d.  Direct buyer operating personnel to the correct use of operating equipment;
    e.  Guidance on site security considerations;
    f.  To guide the buyer maintenance personnel simple troubleshooting methods;
    g.  Provide equipment specification;

  29. 5,Equipment running technical parameters
    A. Equipment design and manufacture with reference to the following national standards and enterprise standards:
    a.  GB/T10067.1-88    Electric heating equipment Basic technical conditions--General
    b.  GB/T10066.1-2004  Test method of electric heating equipment--General
    c.  GB/T10066.2-2004Test method of electric heating equipment-Cored induction furnace
    d.  GB/T10066.3-2004Test method of electric heating equipment-Coreless induction furnace
    e.  GB5959.3-88  Essentials of electric heating equipment--For induction and conduction heating equipment and the special requirements of induction melting equipment
    f.  GB/T10067.3-88Electric heating equipment Basic technical conditions--electric heating equipment
    g.  GB/T10067.3-2005Electric heating equipment Basic technical conditions--Induction electric heating equipment
    h.  GB/T10067.1-2005 Electric heating equipment Basic technical conditions-- General
    i.  GB5959.1-2005 The safety of electric equipment--General requirements
    j.  JB4086-85Medium frequency induction heating technology with electric control equipment
    k.  JB/T4280-93  Medium frequency coreless induction furnace
    B.Equipment operation condition
    a. The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
    b. The surrounding environment is not higher than + 40 ºC and is not lower than + 5 ºC,
    well ventilated.
    c. During the period of device to stop using, without cooling water temperature is not lower than environment - 30 ºC.
    d. Ambient relative humidity is not more than 85%.
    e. Power supply have enough capacity,working frequency 50HZ; Voltage fluctuation is not more than ±5% and waveform singular degree is not more than ±10%.
    f. In the absence of conductive, inflammable, explosive dust, no corrosion metal and damage the insulation gas and steam.
    g. In the absence of strong vibration and impact of indoor use
    h. Open cooling water inlet temperature should in+5ºC - +35ºC, At the same time device cannot be used under the condition of condensation, the pressure maintained 1.5-3kg/2. Water quality meet the requirements of industrial softened water.

  30. 6,After sales service commitment
    a. The purchased equipment to the buyer through life time maintenance services.
    b. Ensure that implements preferential price for equipment spare parts
    c.After receiving the user fault notification shall respond within 2 hours, arrive at the scene within 24 hours traffic permitting, and remove specific weekday failure to resume production.
    d. Our company after sales service up to 25 engineer, the major provinces and cities and regions across the country are equipped with after-sales service network
     China 10t Induction Melting Furnace
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